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We would like to express our kind respects to yourselves and your esteemed company. By this NAFITHAT AL SHARQ FOR GENERAL CONTRACTING AND PETROLUEM SERVICES wished to introduce itself as a one of the highlighted electrical power solutions and petroleum services firms in Iraq, with a history of several years in this domain, from both of business and technical points of view.
AFITHAT AL SHARQ  is set up of good number of well experienced engineers of the different expertises ,technician and skilled workers ,who are administratively directed by experienced administrators and supported by accountant .such a work team has conducted many power projects in the different provinces of the country , at meantime they are theoretically and practically enough supported to handle and tackle any large and complicated projects regarding the power line , mechanical and electrical jobs ,they are able as well to initiate other lines .

Engineers are the company’s backbone with their various expertises of total of (10) engineers with experiences for the least of 5 years, and 30 years for the senior, plus fair number of technicians.
The total number of staff, including the administrative, accountants and skilled workers is (30).There is a positive point in this respect is that the company is ready to recruit and enlarge its firm at a very short time relative to the work demand and progress .,the country is rich with qualified fleet of engineers .  
The settlement of NAFITHAT AL SHARQ is on its own properties and ground as follows:
  • A building of two floors for the main office and preparatory operating center at a first class area in Baghdad of 500 sq.m area.
  • A warehouse of an area 1000sq.m .some 10 km far from the main office building.
  • A show room for electrical generators and cable technologies departments of an area 600 sq.m .some 1 km far from the main office building. Also consist of floor for technical support offices and sales offices.
  • The electrical load demand of the eighteen provinces with its different governmental ministries and state enterprises, in the range of starting power plants of 25MW and 30MW, scattered on the 400,000 sq.m, bearing in mind the backbone ministries as, electricity, industrial, housing and construction, health, trade, defense,interior,municipalities,transportation,communications,Baghdad mayoralty, Baghdad water and sewerage...etc. we receive regularly invitations for tendering from the mentioned.
  • The expenditures of what may be translated as the 'local municipal committees'; theoretically, these are supposed to be the brains of the eighteen governorates with their own looks and strategies to cover most of the gaps and shortages in the municipal, electrical, water...etc. Services, which are pointed out by the people .this differs from (1) above in the concept of its direct intervention for Solving any obstacles in addition to these mentioned earlier .they have their own finance and budgeting.
    This may also cover the expansion of the cities due to the improvement in the family’s incomes, resulting in the ongoing construction works for dwelling and facilities at virgin areas.
  • The new born of the 'private sectors' large factories for the various purpose that may be seen in many places of the country, but slow.
  • The foreign and local investors; in the sector of oil and petroleum and rehabilitation of governmental facilities.
  • The foreign and local investors ; in the sector of constructing new living areas that also includes, schools, hospitals or health centers, substations, potable water network...etc.
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